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Coimbra dates from Roman times and was once the capital of Portugal.  It is home to the oldest University in the Portuguese world and classified as World Heritage; a town full of Roman and Medieval art and architecture.

Coimbra - between Porto and Lisbon

University above the town of Coimbra

Velha Universdade entrance

Velha Universdade - the old university from the 16th century

Aquaduct at Coimbra

Wall panel of azulejos in Coimbra

Another wall panel of azulejos, Coimbra

Medieval fair at Coimbra

Roman ruins at Conimbriga near Coimbra dating back to the Celtic times, some of the best preserved in Iberia

Well preserved mosaic tiled floor at Conimbriga

Our favourite

Pattern depecting the hunt

Spent a day kayaking 25 kilometres down the Rio Mondego to Coimbra